Patti Walsh - Abstract Artist

A Late Bloomer....

Patti's love affair with painting has been present her entire life, but in more recent years she has let go of inhibitions, shushing her inner critic and is creating and producing at warp speed as though her life depends on it – because it does! Something has been ignited in her and she is driven. She keeps going and just wants to ride it out.

Riding it out involves her continuous journey to express herself through color, movement, working with intuition and the rawness of every moment. Her work is filtered through a road-weary, sometimes jaded and warped mind with a unique “woman-elder” perspective. It’s pure feeling, mainly allowing chaos to self-organize into a form that might be understood visually – as she evolves and learns to understand that visual art expresses what we know without words but with experiences and sensory understanding.

Patti's work is rarely planned out in advance as she approaches a new piece of work. She typically has a process where colors are decided beforehand and she just lets loose on the canvas with nothing in her logic mind. She lets angst, joy, frustration, silliness, or a thousand other feelings dictate the movement of the work. It’s enjoyable to learn how people perceive the finished pieces and tell her what they feel she may have been thinking when she created the piece; sometimes they’re spot on, sometimes not so much. But it gives her great joy when her work evokes strong feelings and the most interesting interpretations.

"Well, I never got my license to live
They won't give it up
So I stand at the world's edge"
Iggy Pop

Collage of paintings late 2023, early 2024