Patti Walsh - Abstract Artist

So I Guess I’m An Artist

I have been painting on and off since I was ten and was taking oil painting classes at this converted railroad station art studio in Midland Park, New Jersey. My folks took me out of classes cuz it was too expensive and they didn’t feel it was worthwhile -- other education was far more important. So very long story short, I have picked up the painting habit in dribs and drabs over the course of my life, beating myself up all the while and telling myself I really couldn’t do it although I loved doing it and always, always, wanting to be an artist. Well I don’t know exactly what happened, but a couple of years ago I had some sort of epiphany - I had lost a job, went back to school for free on a federal program for “displaced workers” and now have a new career at a nonprofit which I love - and realized that I could, indeed, also be an artist...dammit. I have just said fuckitall to a lot of things and I’m doing stuff at warp speed like MY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT - because it does! I took some painting classes with a gifted artist and teacher whose compassion for us self-doubters got me over myself and taught me some technical stuff that got me past my anxiety and the totally shitty attitude that I couldn’t do this. I began my love affair with art all over again. I don’t care where I’m going with it - that’s part of the beauty of it - although it does matter to me that I do get positive feedback from my peers and to be honest I like when people like my stuff.... I had my first gallery show in January, 2019 at the Vine Arts Center in Minneapolis, where I am now a member and sold 5 paintings. So...something’s working - I keep going and just ride it out.

"Well, I never got my license to live
They won't give it up
So I stand at the world's edge"

Iggy Pop

Painting "Papa Don't Preach" 24x24 Acrylic Abstract on Canvas. Sold to Pastor Jeffrey.