• A piece of mine will be featured in Artless Bastard Gallery's Untitled Exhibit. Attendees will be tasked with naming the pieces in the show. I am 400 miles away from Green Bay and am not able to make it to the opening, sadly.... I would post my work but I am sworn to secrecy.

  • Exhibit at Dunn Bros Coffee at Loring Park, Minneapolis

    I have a few pieces hanging at the Dunn Brothers Coffee Shop across the street from Loring Park in Minneapolis

  • I've Got A Show - December 2020!

    I've Got A Show - December 2020!

    For the entire month of December, I'll have my artwork hanging on three walls at the Dunn Brothers Coffee Shop in Loring Park, Minneapolis, 329 West 15th Street.

    Please stop by, buy a pastry and some delicious coffee and peruse to your heart's delight! Most of the art will be for sale and reasonably priced. Buy your mom some strange uninterpretable abstract art for xmas this year and really see her face light up!!!

  • I’m in the Minneapolis Institute of Art!

    I’m featured in the Foot in the Door virtual exhibit.

  • How you can help the Vine Arts Center, a Nonprofit Gallery

    How you can help the Vine Arts Center, a Nonprofit Gallery

    I am on the board of directors of the Vine Arts Center, a nonprofit, volunteer/member run, art-inspired space. Artist members work cooperatively to unite diverse artists, patrons, and the broader community through our creative presence and events.

    In the days and nights after May 25th, 2020 , following the tragic and unjust death of George Floyd at the hands of 4 Minneapolis police officers, civil unrest erupted along the Lake Street corridor. Over 1,000 businesses and buildings were affected by vandalism and fires, causing an upwards of $500-million in damages. Floyd's death and unrest in Minneapolis inspired a global protest movement about racism and police brutality.

    On May 29th, embers from the fire of the Hexagon Bar sparked a fire on the roof of the Ivy Arts Building where the Vine Arts Center is housed. The building's sprinkler system caused extensive damage to the wood floors, necessitating total replacement of two layers of flooring, as well as replacement of many of the walls in the gallery. Estimates are still pending on other repairs/replacements needed.

    While the Center has some insurance and was very fortunate to haver been awarded some grant funding through the Lake Street Council's fund which is set up for victims of the civil unrest, the Center is going to be strapped with the burden of additional expenses needed in order to get the gallery in shape for reopening (for example, items such as lighting equipment, display products, computer systems for our administrative needs). Currently we are waiting for the building to complete their work on repairs in other parts of the building to get the go-ahead on our construction.

    The Center's gallery had already been closed and impacted due to the Covid-19 shutdown. As patrons of the Center are already aware, Vine Arts Center shows are always free to the public and the Center exists to make art accessible to all.

    We plan on forging ahead into the future nonetheless; we feel positive that we'll come back better than ever and ready to carry forth our mission!

    So I'd like to share our GoFundMe link www.gofundme.com/f/grow-the-vine with the request that you throw a couple of spare bucks our way. THANKS SO MUCH!

  • Love vs. Fear Exhibit - Mill City Arts Show

    Love vs. Fear Exhibit - Mill City Arts Show

    This piece was selected for the "Love vs. Fear" Exhibit by the Mill City Art Show which will be up from November 8th through 10th at Inverted Arts Gallery in the Grain Belt Studios, 77 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN.

    Here's the "statement" that went along with the painting:

    Much of my work is a reflection of love conquering fear; I’ve had a fear of putting myself out there as an artist for most of my life and something’s changed within me in the past couple of years. I’m just doing it.... But I’m a person who fervently feels in general that love is always going to win over fear - I have to believe that. I work for the Council on American-Islamic Relations and we see the affects of so much of the bigotry and hatred that abounds right now - it’s fear-based, all of it. Love is more persistent though, I know that, and will win in the end. So I have this general credo and I don’t know if it comes through in my work - I’m not certain what happens when I’m madly ravaging the canvas but I know it is in a spirit of love and joy.

  • Vine Arts Members Show Exhibit - My paintings

    Vine Arts Members Show Exhibit -  My paintings
  • Vine Arts Center Annual Members' Show

    Vine Arts Center Annual Members' Show
  • Greenway Glow

    Greenway Glow

    The Vine Arts Center presents
    The Greenway Glow
    July 27, 6:00 - Midnight

    Join hundreds of bike and fun enthusiasts for an evening of music,
    activities and art both inside and out the Ivy Arts Building!

    The fun begins at 6 PM and goes on until Midnight.

    See clip of previous Greenway glow here:
    Greenway Glow 2017

  • Yeah You Got a Right

    It's so hard for me to "formally" think of myself as an artist - to say it out loud seems inauthentic and almost fraudulent. I'm trying to get past that, obviously, since I've got a website with paintings that I'm selling.... But the critic in my head remains - "you didn't go to art school - what makes you think you can be an artist or put yourself out there like this???"

    So I look to my heroes for inspiration, one of them being Iggy. The Stooges will always be my go-to group for whatever ails me - they always inform my mood and make me feel alright. Iggy seemed terribly washed up after the Stooges - god he was in rough shape -but he got his shit together in his own way. You didn't hear about him going to treatment, he had his own philosophy about life. He still has his own way of defining success. "Here comes my Chinese rug...." Long may he run. He can put a shirt on now though...just a suggestion.

    For art I just need to apply my punk rock ethos I guess. I didn't know how to play guitar back in the 90s but that didn't stop me from starting a band - I just did it. I didn't know that I could start a second career in my late 50s but what do you know? I just did it. I am lucky to a certain extent, but I believe I change my own attitude which in turn changes my destiny (whoaa profound...have some more coffee, Patti...)